What we Do Best
Since 2011, Complete Circle Consulting, Inc. has been providing our customers with business and IT services performed by professionals with 30+ years in Leadership, Software and Technology.

Transformation Management

The transformation of an enterprise requires a broad-based approach that includes a combination of many or all of the services described below resulting in a set of human, system, and enterprise changes. These individual changes are productive in and of themselves, but when combined they generate a multiplier of the results that should be expected. This multiplier effect or transformation leverages the key ingredients of your company, i.e. its secret sauce, and best practices from across industries to shift your company into a new level of execution and delivery.

Software Implementations

Our wide range of experience includes rolling out both custom and vendor software by partnering with vendor project managers to implement ERP, HCM, CRM solutions or other software required by your business. We use the PMBOK guide as the foundation of our project management and adjust that methodology based on our client’s preferences and internal procedures.

Project Management

Complete Circle Consulting, Inc. has certified Project Managers to manage both Technical and non-Technical Projects.

Software Evaluations

When your company is considering new software, the number of options and details can seem overwhelming. We have a proven methodology that enables a streamlined approach to guide your company in finding the best fit software for your current business and future goals.

Business Process Improvements

If your business processes have been in place for a while, it may be time to look at the workflows and make improvements by eliminating repeat tasks, duplicate work or paper trails. Complete Circle Consulting, Inc. has helped many companies re-engineer their processes resulting in impactful dollar savings.

Additional Services

Complete Circle Consulting, Inc. collaborates with Alliance Partners in the Austin area, enabling us to provide a broader suite of services to our clients.

At Complete Circle Consulting, Inc., we believe that organizations and their employees deserve current solutions that are widely available. We have references from countless modernization projects after spending a combined 60+ years in the software technology industry.